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Yoeri Dassen

Experienced fundraiser and Startup creator.

I am currently an investor as a Venture Partner at 7Percent Ventures and angel and invested in 15+ companies.

W18 Ycombinator graduate: I am the founder of Psylaris, which is a health tech company that automates EMDR therapy in Virtual Reality using ML.

I’m working on expanding and combing these technologies to create a better help-system for mental care. 

I’ve lectured on entrepreneurship at various international universities and been working on various tech related entrepreneurship projects for 16 years.



We advise and coach you on various aspects regarding business strategy, fund-raising, and how to get early traction to your start-up. Additionally, we're available for both complete project coaching and advice.

Fund Raising

We can help you successfully raise millions in venture capital and grant money. Every company we've advised has been able to close their funding round. 


We offer weekly coaching session to help gain traction and grow your business.  

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